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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Ҵý prepared?
    • In alignment with federal and state recommendations, an Ҵý faculty, staff and student requirement has been developed to restrict travel.
    • We are participating in an to exchange information and best practices for prevention and preparedness.
    • We are also updating our emergency response processes and business continuity plans, in the event that our campus community learns of any Coronavirus cases among our faculty, students, staff, or campus visitors.
    • Learn more about how .
    • Learn about the Ҵý Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention and Preparedness Plan.
  • How are Ҵý classes impacted?
    • At this time, all in-person class sessions are being restructured. In-class sessions for March 13th for MD 1 and 2 will occur as scheduled.
    • Additionally, exams scheduled for March 16th-20th will occur on-campus as scheduled.
    • Beginning on Monday, March 16th, to the extent possible, scheduled classes will be taught using distance modalities (e.g. Zoom and Camtasia). Assistance will be provided by Dr. Zheng and staff in the Office of Digital Learning.
    • As conditions warrant, further information will be provided for classes after March 31. Students will receive program specific information from your program directors and deans.
    • For MD 3 and 4 students, schedules will continue as set. We will be integrating online modalities for class sessions as possible and appropriate. For MD 3 and 4 students, the policy of our handbook applies:

      Ҵý Student Handbook policy from page 112:

      In the event of “closing” of the school or clinical site due to winter weather, toxic spill, power loss, etc., the students’ schedule will be that of the service/site they are on. If they are on a clinic rotation and the clinic is closed, they should follow the directions of the course director.

      If they are on a Grady (or other hospital) rotation and Grady is open, they should report to service. If roads/transportation is too hazardous for the student to report, they MUST contact the team and/or course director to address the issue. Time lost may need to be “made up.”

  • How are Ҵý facilities impacted?
    • The Ҵý campus will currently remain open; For example, the library and Cafe 720 will remain available for use.
  • How are Ҵý events impacted?
    • Out of an abundance of caution, and in keeping with federal and CDC guidelines, we will modify, postpone, and/or cancel large scale Ҵý School of Medicine events scheduled through April 30, 2020.

    • We will continue to evaluate our event plans as more information becomes available and will provide specific details as decisions are made.

    • We also discourage departments planning any further large events that invite external guest to campus until further notice.

  • How is Ҵý Spring Break impacted?
    • Spring Break for Ҵý will run March 21–30 as previously scheduled.
  • How are faculty and staff impacted?
    • Faculty and staff may apply for flexible working arrangements by submitting a request form through the Ҵý Connect intranet, listed under Human Resources Annoucements, appending a work plan that has been reviewed and approved by a supervisor.
    • Please contact Ҵý Human Resources: (404) 752-1713 or regarding a modified employee absence policy for COVID-19 related illness and dependent care exceptions.
  • What should I do if I am concerned about COVID-19?

    Students who have traveled to or through affected areas within the past 14 days must call (404) 756-1299 for a risk assessment and further directives on social-distancing and self-monitoring.