Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Responsibilities and Functions:

  • Primary review of all research protocols that involve human participants.
  • Authority to approve, require modifications, or disapprove research activities that involve human participants.
  • Authority to suspend or terminate approval of research that involves human participants that is not conducted in accordance with requirements.
  • Coordinates ethics-related educational activities.
  • Determines level of review for each study that involves human participants (full board, expedited, exempt, not research).
  • Communicates with reviewers, committee members, investigators, and study staff.
  • One committee oversees biomedical studies and the other committee oversees studies that are considered social and behavioral sciences research.
  • Ensures that committee membership conforms to current federal regulations and federal agency requirements.


John C. Smith, MSW, CIM, CIP
IRB Director
Hugh Gloster 122