National Center for Primary Care

For more than 25 years, the National Center for Primary Care (NCPC) at Ҵý School of Medicine (Ҵý) has advanced health equity in primary care by identifying gaps in care and implementing initiatives to fill those gaps. NCPC is a champion for health equity for all communities by serving as a national resource for practitioners, educators, researchers, policymakers, community-based organizations and other health related entities This document describes NCPC’s past, present, and future in strengthening the primary care infrastructure to improve long-term health outcomes for all communities.


Achieving equitable and optimal healthcare through primary care for all.


Strengthening the primary care system through education, research and training to improve health outcomes while advancing and sustaining health equity. 

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NCPC has the expertise and experience necessary to respond to the most pressing issues in public health and primary care. We recognize the need to stay innovative and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the primary care infrastructure and its delivery of care. The Center constantly evaluates its own work to anticipate upcoming challenges.

  • We are poised to take on the next challenges such as primary care’s role in addressing the fentanyl epidemic.
  • Our NCRN community engagement platform will continue to serve as an innovative technology solution, enabling us to effectively address health equity challenges in partnership with communities of color and other underserved populations.

NCPC sees a future where health disparities are eradicated and long-term health outcomes are significantly improved. The Center is working across disciplines to implement the interventions today that create a better, healthier country tomorrow.