In a changed world, your help is more impactful

Coronavirus (COVID19): How You Can Help

In A Changed World, Your Help is More Impactful

As we entered 2020, few of us could have imagined how much our world would change. Then came the first reports of a new infectious respiratory disease, one previously unseen in humans. COVID-19 quickly began spreading around the world, impacting the United States and our Atlanta community. Cases are now rapidly multiplying, and the death rate is climbing. As millions of us have been directed to “shelter-in-place,” how we live, work, and play has been significantly impacted.

Ҵý School of Medicine made major adjustments – in how we educate our students, treat our patients, conduct business, and support our community. However, Ҵý provides essential services. Our mission is to address primary health care through programs in education, research, and service, by increasing the diversity of doctors, physician assistants, researchers, and public health leaders who serve on the front lines of this global battle, particularly in underserved communities. Now more than ever, the world needs what we do best.

We understand that these uncertain times hit people hard in many ways. Many of the most seriously impacted are the very people we serve. If, however, you are fortunate enough to be in a position to continue supporting worthy causes, we ask you to consider enlisting in the fight. Faced with the uncertainty of this pandemic, you may be wondering, 'what can I do? How can I help?' May we suggest four ways to make a significant impact: